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Abbott & Costello Fan Club

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Thanks for your interest in
the Official Abbott and Costello Fan Club!

This page will answer many of your questions.

The fan club was founded in 1986 by Ron Palumbo to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Bud and Lou's teaming in burlesque. (Ron is the co-author of the definitive Abbott and Costello book, "Abbott and Costello in Hollywood.")

Until mid-1999, the club was run by Lou's daughter, Chris Costello. Since then, Bill Honor has taken over administrative duties. The Abbott and Costello families continue to be involved in the club, which has their full support.

The club has approximately 3,000 members around the world. The largest concentrations of fans are in New York, New Jersey and California. (In 1992, club members in New Jersey organized the first-ever A&C convention. It was attended by members of Bud and Lou's families, and fans from all around the U.S.) Members keep in touch and trade memorabilia through local club chapters around the country, and through our club magazine, Abbott and Costello Quarterly.

As an A&C fan, you've already reaped the benefits of the Abbott and Costello Fan Club. When the club started nearly twenty years ago, only three Abbott and Costello movies were available on home video. Club members successfully lobbied Universal and MGM to release every A&C movie on home video; and the U.S. Postal Service for a commemorative Abbott and Costello postage stamp. By providing a ready market, the club has inspired companies to issue the A&C TV series on home video, A&C posters, dolls, collector plates, and more. We have plans to do more, including honorary Academy and Emmy Awards for Bud and Lou. By joining the club, you can help us achieve these and other goals.

Membership in the fan club also includes a subscription to four printed issues of the Quarterly. In the past, the Quarterly has featured interviews with Bud and Lou's family, friends and co-workers---including Lou's brother, Pat Costello; Bud's sister, Olive Abbott; Bud Abbott, Jr.; Hillary Brooke; and the late Ann Corio, to name a few. The Quarterly has also included articles on Sid Fields; Eddie Forman (who wrote episodes of Bud and Lou's TV series); the team's live TV work; a detailed log of radio appearances; and more.

Recent Quarterlies have included a special issue dedicated to the cast of the A&C TV show; Abbott and Costello's Australian tour in 1955; the music in the boys' films; interviews with Jim Mulholland ("The Abbott and Costello Book"), Robert Lees, and Craig Stevens. Each Quarterly is also packed with the latest news of video and DVD releases; movie screenings; collectibles; club news; rare photographs; and member bulletin boards and letters.

Club dues are $17 per year in the United States; $19 per year (U.S. funds, please) in Canada; and $22 (U.S. funds) internationally. Please make your check or money order payable to Bill Honor, PO Box 5566, Fort Wayne, IN 46895-5566.

We look forward to welcoming you to the club!

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